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Ed Snyder


Ed Snyder is a Philadelphia-based artist/photographer. Widely acclaimed as a cemetery documentary photographer and writer, his expertise as an instructor, author, and event photographer is evident by the examples on this site.


Ed has authored two books, Stone Angels (available from and Digital Photography for the Impatient (available from

In addition to the images on this website, many more can be seen on Ed's other websites and on social media (go to "About My Work" tab on main menu to see list of links). Ed also authors the weekly
Cemetery Traveler blog.


Ed is a member of the Philadelphia Photographic Society, the DaVinci Art Allaince, and the Philadelphia Photo League.


The photo subject matter choices you see under the "Image Categories" tab showcases my specialty work. While I do photgraph people, I prefer non-living subjects. Why? When the world-renowned flower painter Georgia O'Keefe was asked why she made paintings of flowers, she said, "I paint them because they're cheaper than models and they don't move."


That said, my latest work consists of high-speed images of landscapes - flowers, trees, buildings. By "high-speed," I mean that I was driving a car in excess of 50 mph when I made the photograph. Obviously, an element of danger there. Even riskier than exploring abandoned buildings and graveyards, which I also like to do. You can see some of these blurred "High-Speed" images at the "Abstract" link. They represent more of an idea than a tangible subject.

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