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Objet D'Art

On March 12, 2016, an Opening Reception will be held to present a group photography exhibition at the:

Church Street Art Gallery

2 Church St., Mt. Holly NJ (609) 261-8634

Time: 4 - 6 pm.

Exhibit runs March. 2nd - March. 26th, 2016


Objet D’ Art: A small object that is valued because it is beautiful or interesting; an object that artists value.

The theme here is to show the photographers' creative artistic side by photographing small objects found in the home, everyday objects we use or collect, or a small found object that catches the imagination while creating a single image of fine art with blurred/bokeh background.

What you see here are two of my images that were curated into the show, "Rocky," and "The Data Miner." These are fine art prints on archival paper, lovingly framed and presented. The objects are things I found in my basement last year during a cleanout! Some things, you just can't throw away. Others, you photograph and THEN throw away.

Please stop by the opening reception to say hi, have a snack, and meet all the artists!

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